Does Your Garage Door Need Replaced?

How To Change Your Garage Door Panels

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As your garage ages, it can get warped and worn down. As a result, your house might lose a lot of heat through the garage doors. It can also make your home look older. Often, the actual motor and frame of the garage is in perfect condition, but the panels are worn down. At the same time, you might be interested in changing your garage panels because you want to update the style of your home. Luckily, most garage door systems have removable panels. This article explains how you can order new panels and install them in place of the old ones. It is a great DIY project that can update the functionality and the style of your home exterior. Removing the Panels First, you need to decide if you garage frame is in good enough condition. Most frames are aluminum, so they can get bent. If your frames are bent, it will be very hard to replace the panels. When you remove the old panel, the frame might collapse. You can inspect the frames from the inside of the garage. If there any sizeable kinks, you should not remove the panels. It might be more practical to just install a new garage system. Removing the panels is a simple matter of loosening the screws that secure them. However, you need at least one helper for this task. If you’re working on a two-car garage, you might need a third person. Once you remove one end of the panel from the frame, you need to hold it up so it does not fall down and bend the frame. With one person removing the screws, the other can hold that end up to prevent this from happening. Installing the New Panels Installing the new panels is relatively straightforward as long as you buy the right product. You can usually find a range of panel styles the coordinate with your garage brand, size and style. You can have your panels delivered directly to your doorstep for the sake of convenience. Of course, you need to once again be careful to hold the panels flat so they don’t bend and get ruined. The panels should also come with replacement screws. If not, you should definitely buy some because you don’t want to reuse the same, possibly stripped screws. Obviously, changing your panels is not that hard. You will be surprised how it can dramatically change the look of your home exterior. Talk to a company like Mid-South Door Co for more...

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3 Signs That Your Garage Door Needs Professional Repair

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Day in and day out, your garage door is experiencing wear and tear. While garage doors are meant to last for years, the working components of the doors will wear down. When those pieces are not inspected regularly and replaced when needed, it can result in the unnecessary injury of you and your family or damage to your property. Here are three signs that you may need to speak to a contractor for professional repair of your garage door: 1. Faulty Sensors An automatic garage door cannot operate accurately and safely without properly working sensors. Designed to detect when objects are situated below the door, these sensors are typically located several inches above the garage floor. When the sensors are faulty, they will be unable to detect when someone or something in directly beneath the garage door when it is closing, which could allow someone to get hurt or something to get damaged. In order to determine whether your sensors are working properly, you can hold a decent-sized object in front of the sensors as the garage door is closing. If the door reverses, then the sensors are good. If the door continues shutting normally, then your sensors need to be repaired or replaced by a professional garage door contractor. 2. Fraying Cables The cables on the garage door play a key role in the door’s operation and are critical for the door to remain in the open position. Over a period of time, the cables will wear down and deteriorate. When this happens, the cables will experience fraying. When this happens, there is the risk of breakage, which could lead to the door failing to remain in its open position and instead falling onto whatever or whomever may be below it. Luckily, the cables can be easily inspected and should be on a regular basis. The cables are located on both sides of the garage door. Fraying is easy to spot, as you will notice multiple thin strands of the garage door cable protruding from the main cable. When you notice this, stop using the door and phone a professional for the replacement of the cable. 3. Loose Hardware There are many pieces of hardware that hold your garage door together, such as brackets and hinges. Without these pieces, your garage door would fall apart. Due to the vibration that your garage door constantly experiences, these hardware pieces can become loose over time. Therefore, it is crucial that you check them on a regular basis. Usually, you can tell if something has loosened, as the garage door will become louder and vibrate more intensely. If you’re unable to determine which pieces have loosened, an experienced contractor can locate and tighten them for you, while also ensuring that the garage door has not been damaged due to the excessive vibration. Click the link for garage door repair or do an online...

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How To Repair A Dented Garage Panel

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Aluminum garage doors can get dented or damaged in so many different ways. Your panel could have a large dent from being hit with a car, or it could have areas where the paint is chipped. Regardless of how severe your problem is, you will probably want to fix it as soon as possible, especially if your garage is visible from the street. You can usually replace just the damaged panels of the entire door. This article explains the pros and cons of both approaches. It should help you determine which action is best for your situation. The Pros of Replacing A Single Panel The biggest perk of just replacing the broken panel is the fact that it is much cheaper than replacing the entire garage door. Garage door panels usually aren’t sold at home improvement stores, but they can be special ordered from the manufacturer. Single panel replacement is actually a fairly simple job. You can usually do the work on your own as long as you have a cordless power drill and a couple of helpers. Aluminum and vinyl garage door panels are extremely lightweight, but need to be handled carefully so they don’t get kinked during the installation. Wooden panels are a little heavier, but they’re equally easy to remove and replace. The Cons of Replacing A Single Panel The biggest problem with replacing a single panel is the fact that you often have problems with matching. Your existing garage door will likely have fading and signs of usage. So, after you install the new panel, the remaining panels usually won’t match. To avoid this, many people opt to just install an entirely new garage door. The Pros of Replacing The Entire Door If you install an entirely new door, your garage will looked brand new and you won’t have any issues with matching. Also, you can use the opportunity to calibrate and upgrade your motor for maximum efficiency and quietness during operation. The Cons of Replacing The Entire Door Replacing your entire garage door is obviously a much more expensive project and it needs to be handled by professionals. Unlike the simplicity of changing one panel, this upgrade requires training and special tools. In the end, if you don’t have the budget, it might be easier to just replace your entire garage door so you don’t have to worry about matching panels. However, if you have a more limited budget, you can certainly try to replace the single panel. If the panel doesn’t match perfectly, you always have the option of painting your entire garage door. For more information, contact a garage door company like A & J Garage Door...

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Accessories To Consider For Your New Garage Door

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Getting a new garage door is an excellent time to consider a few other upgrades. Most door accessories are purely decorative, but they can make a stock model look much more attractive like a custom door. A few upgrades can even serve a purpose and improve the operation of the door. The following are just few ideas to consider. Threshold and weather kit If your driveway slopes toward your garage door, a threshold kit can keep your garage dry. This kit forms a seal that keeps water and leaves from blowing beneath the door. Combine this with full weatherstripping around the garage door to ensure it stays warm and dry inside. Decorative hardware You have many options in decorative hardware. You can, for example, add decorative hinges and handles to the door to make it resemble custom-fit carriage doors. Barn door style hardware is another option if you prefer a more rustic look. These hardware options are made to attach to any type of garage door without weighing them down or interfering with their movement. Panel kits Do you love the look of decorative panels but not the cost? If so, get creative with door panel kits. Much like decorative hardware, these faux panels are attached to the door but they are not a functional or built in feature.You can find panels in a range of designs and materials. Some are simple, unfinished molding frames, which you will attach and then paint in the color of your preference to create the look of inset panels. Window kits Window kits are designed to provide privacy. These stick to the window after they are cut to the appropriate size. Tinting is the most common type, but you can also find kits that give the appearance of leaded glass, stained glass, or window frosting. Since these are stuck to the window, you can always remove them later if your design preference changes. Window panels If you like windows, choose a window panel for the door of your choice. These panels can feature a simple row of rectangle windows, or a decorative arch of glass. You can also opt for faux windows if you like the look of a windowed door but don’t actually want windows due to security issues. These doors have windows “painted” on with a high gloss paint so it resembles real glass. Visit a local garage door installation company to learn more about the accessories...

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2 Types Of Garage Doors And The Benefits They Can Provide

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When picking out a new garage door it is important to consider all of your options as all of them offer their own unique set of benefits, such as increased insulation or greatly improved curb appeal. Listed below are two types of garage doors for you to consider and the benefits that they can offer. Steel Choosing a steel garage door is a fantastic way to ensure that your garage door is capable of lasting for many years with minimal maintenance. When you have a steel garage door, the only thing that should concern you is if the door is somehow scratched. If your steel door is scratched, the protective layer of paint and sealant is broken and will allow water to reach the bare metal. In that situation, your door can begin to rust very quickly. However, simply reapplying the sealant and paint as soon as you notice the scratch can prevent the rust from forming or spreading. Steel also offers a lot of durability in additional to the minimal maintenance. For example, if you have a steel door than you will not have to worry about your children accidentally denting the door if they hit it while playing in your driveway. These doors are very resilient and can handle impacts very well.  Aluminum Now, aluminum is a great choice because it can help you deal with some of the drawbacks inherent in other types of garage doors, such as the heavy weight of the upper-tier materials. For example, steel and solid wood garage doors are often not suitable as a single door for a two-car garage due to their weight. In many cases, the door will need to be divided into two separate doors, or a more expensive and powerful garage door motor will need to be installed.  However, an aluminum door is light enough that you can use it for a single or two-car garage without having to worry about placing any severe strain on even a basic garage door motor. Another benefit provided by an aluminum door is that the door will only cost a fraction of the price of a steel or wood door, which makes it one of the most cost-effective garage door materials on the market. Finally, this type of door also offers more extremely durable and rust-proof options if you want a light door that can stand up to a lot of punishment. However, these higher-quality models will often drive the price of the door up enough that it will be in the same price-range as the more expensive garage door materials. Contact a garage door manufacturer, dealer, or contractor like Rogers Overhead Door Co today to discuss which doors would be a good fit for you and your home. Steel and aluminum are both good choices that can offer a wide range of...

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Three Tasks For Spring Cleaning Your Garage Door

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If you’re making your list of tasks for spring cleaning, don’t forget the garage door. It’s easy to simply dust it down and leave it alone for the season, thinking that it doesn’t look that bad and will just get very dirty again anyway. But keeping it clean does more than occupy your time — it keeps the door in better shape so that it lasts longer. Here are three things to do to get that door nice, clean, and ready for spring. Wash the Door Panels and Windows Spray any in-door windows with window cleaning liquid and wipe away dirt. Use a squeegee to wipe the remaining liquid off. Do this before washing the rest of the doors so that dirty fluid doesn’t drip onto the doors after you’ve already cleaned them. Remember to clean the windows on the inside of the door, too, wiping up any liquid that’s dripping onto the door itself. Add a few drops of mild dishwashing liquid to a bucket of water. Gently scrub down the front of the door. Use a garden hose or a pressure washer set on a light setting to wash the soap off. Wipe down the windows again, to remove the water that’s gathered. Cleaning the inside surface of the door can be tricky because you don’t want to spray that with a hose — the spray can ricochet and hit other things in the garage that you don’t want to get wet. Try dusting the inside of the door and spot cleaning instead. Check the Hardware Go inside the garage and check out the springs, track, and weather seals: Replace weather stripping. Lubricate the chain and spring. Look at the roller and track and tighten bolts that are loose. Clean Around the Door Cleaning the door is essential, but you also have to clean around the door if you want the door to be truly clean. Otherwise, you’re just one windy day away from having more crud on your door. Wipe away all cobwebs by taking a broom or brush and sweeping in the eaves of the house that are over the garage. Remember not to stand directly under the area you’re sweeping lest webby leaves and debris rain down on your head. You can run the broom along part of your lawn to remove the webs from the bristles. Sweep up and gather all leaves on the ground outside the garage and in nearby areas as well. Double-check that light fixtures around the garage door are still working. If it’s been a while since you’ve changed the bulbs, do so now. Use LEDs meant for outdoor use so that you won’t have to change the bulbs again for a long time. If you need more information about cleaning your garage door, or if you find that something like the springs needs replacing, contact a garage door repair company, like M & M Garage Doors and Service, now. Small repairs now save you big bucks later...

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Comparing Torsion And Extension Springs

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Extension and torsion springs are two of the most prevalent types of garage door springs on the market today. They both work to counteract the force of gravity on the garage door, making it possible for you to lift the garage door by hand. However, both extension and torsion springs operate in different ways to make this happen, and as such carry with them a distinct set of advantages and disadvantages. Understanding what each type of garage door spring has to offer can help you choose the one that best fits your needs. Extension Springs Extension springs are the most widely used type of garage door spring. They are installed above the horizontal tracks on either side of the door. As the door is opened, the springs expand to support the door as it rises, preventing it from falling back down. The main advantage of extension springs is that they are quite affordable, which makes them ideal for all homeowners no matter their budget. Furthermore, extension springs are extremely easy to install, as they are completely exposed, reducing installation times. However, extension springs are completely exposed, which means that they are more prone to damage and failure. In the event of a failure, extension springs can be launched across the garage, becoming a dangerous projectile. While this is somewhat mitigated by the fact that most extension springs have safety cables installed on them as well, it is still an important consideration, especially since if the spring fails and breaks free from the garage door, the door will fall, posing a serious hazard to people or vehicles that may be nearby. Torsion Springs Torsion springs do not stretch while the door opens. Instead, they use torque, turning as the garage opens in order to keep it elevated. Torsion springs are able to support heavier garage doors than extension springs, and tend to last much longer, as the twisting motion is less wearing than the stretching motion of their counterparts. Additionally, the fact that they are not completely exposed means it is much less likely that torsion springs will become damaged over time. However, it should be noted that torsion springs are the more expensive option of these two options, which may pose an issue for those homeowners operating under a tight budget. Additionally, torsion springs are harder to install than extension springs, as they are not completely exposed, which can extend installation time and costs. To learn more, contact a company like Door Doctor...

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Is Your Home’s Garage Door Safe? Check These 3 Things

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Garage doors operate thanks to a system of springs, pulleys, and cables that are carefully balanced. The system is what allows the door to be easily closed or opened with a little bit of manual force or an electric motor. In order to prevent an injury from occurring while using a garage door, there are 3 safety mechanisms in place. You should check on them to ensure that they are in proper working order. Spring Safety Cables Your garage door’s springs require tension to operate. That is because they counterbalance your garage door’s weight, allowing you to lift the door even though it is very heavy. If a spring breaks without any safety mechanism in place, it can potentially fly through the air and cause a serious injury. The safety cables will help contain the springs if they become disconnected or break. Checking the safety cables is easy to do on your own. Find the springs running parallel to your garage’s ceiling, and look for a steel cable that is running through them. One end of the cable should be connected to a metal bracket that is attached to the ceiling, with the other end of the cable connected to a metal bracket on your garage door. These brackets should not be twisted or bent. Cables that are connected via an S-hook should not have any signs of straightening out. Motion Sensor A garage door will stop closing and immediately reverse if anything crosses the path of the motion sensor. It helps prevent the garage door from accidentally closing on your car, or even children that are in the path of the door. You can also check this safety mechanism on your own. Locate the infrared sensors near the lower part of the vertical track. Close your garage door and roll a small object, like a ball, across the sensor’s path. You should see the door stop immediately and go in reverse. Pressure Sensor The pressure sensor works in a similar way to the motion sensor. If any object stops the door from closing because of pressure applied to the door, it will cause the door to stop and immediately reverse. This includes objects in door’s path, as well as jams in the track. You can check the pressure sensor by putting an item in the path of the door that doesn’t block its infrared beam, like a chair. A working pressure sensor will cause the door to go into reverse when it comes in contact with the chair. If you notice that any one of these safety mechanisms are not working correctly, you could need a replacement part. Contact a local garage door repair technician and have them replace the garage door part for you. Click here for more information about the parts you might...

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Two Signs That It’s Time To Replace Your Garage Door

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Although you may think it’s a minor issue, knowing when to replace your garage door is actually a pretty big deal.  It’s important for the safety of your family, since a garage door that’s in bad shape could become unhinged and strike a friend or loved one.  It’s also important for the overall value of your home, since a faulty garage door will most likely be seen as a detriment to any potential home buyers if you put your house on the market.  If you’re unsure about whether or not your garage door is in good condition, use this information to determine the warning signs that it may be time to replace your door as soon as possible. Your Energy Bills Increase The first sign that you may need a new garage door could be something that you never thought of: higher energy costs.  As your door ages, it may start to warp, or the weather stripping that surrounds the top, sides and bottom could begin to peel away.  This allows more indoor air to seep outdoors, as well as lets more outside air into your home.  The result could be unmanageable energy costs that you can’t seem to get to the bottom of. Rather than risk spending the better portion of your monthly budget on energy bills, check your doors to determine if they are the culprit.  Look for holes, tears and gaps that could be letting your indoor air escape.  If you find these symptoms, have your garage door replaced right away.  Be sure to select a door that is well insulated, and that is sealed on all sides. Cracked And Peeling Paint Garage doors that feature cracked and peeling paint are much more than an eyesore; they could also be an accident waiting to happen.  When the paint on your garage door begins to peel away, it’s easy to believe that a fresh coat of paint will bring it back to life, but this may cause more problems later on. The paint on your garage door is likely covered by an invisible seal that is designed to keep the elements from destroying the door material.  If sunlight, rain and snow are able to penetrate this shield and attack the paint, these same elements could also cause your garage door to rot, putting it at serious risk of collapsing. Don’t ignore the signs that your garage door is in trouble.  When any of these symptoms appear, contact a garage door professional, like America’s Garage Doors LLC, so you can find out your options for purchasing a new...

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Homeowner’s Guide to Getting a New Garage Door

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It’s not every day that you need a new garage door, and many buyers don’t know where to start. Here is a guide for how to choose, install, and maintain a new garage door.  Choosing a Garage Door The most popular garage door is called a sectional door, where each of the sections has its own set of rollers. However, there are other options, such as folding and carriage doors. The material is an important part of the look and functionality of your door. Steel, wood, and aluminum frame doors are all viable options for a strong garage door. You might also look at special features, including storm-readiness.  Installing Your Garage Door There are two tricky parts to installing a new garage door. Always keep your manufacturer’s instructions for installing a garage door, since they will also show you how to take it down when you’re done. If you no longer have the instructions for your old garage door, you may need to contact the manufacturer or have a technician take a look at it.  When installing your new garage door, it’s important that all of the attachments are measured correctly, so that your tracks align with one another. An uneven set of tracks can cause the entire structure of the door to be compromised. This is why a professional garage door installation is a good idea; they will be able to remove the old door and install the new one with the correct measurements and spacing.  Maintaining Your Garage Door Once your new garage door is in place, there are several things that you can do to keep it running smoothly. Keep the tracks free of debris; you may need to clean them with a soft cloth about twice a year. If there are any dents in your tracks, be sure to straighten them out with a rubber hammer. If parts of the track start to stick, you can use a bit of oil or grease to lubricate the tracks.  The rollers and pulleys also need to be cleaned and lubricated on a regular basis. Dust can get trapped in the sides of the rollers, and you can clean it out with a pipe cleaner. Be sure that all of the bolts are fastened securely; having a loose bolt can place too much pressure on your tracks and cause them to buckle. A little bit of maintenance goes a long way in protecting your brand new garage door.  For assistance, talk to a professional like Bear Valley Builders and Garage...

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