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does your garage door need replaced?

How old is the garage door on your home? Does your garage get very cold during the winter and very warm during the summer? If your garage door is quite old, it likely does not have the same insulating factors that are included in the manufacturing of the garage doors manufactured today. So, how do you know if your garage door needs to be replaced? Does the hardware need to be replaced if you replace the garage door? Go to my blog to find out all about the features included in the design of today's garage doors. Hopefully, you will find everything you need to determine if your garage door is in need of replacement.

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does your garage door need replaced?

2 Types Of Garage Doors And The Benefits They Can Provide

by Eva Richards

When picking out a new garage door it is important to consider all of your options as all of them offer their own unique set of benefits, such as increased insulation or greatly improved curb appeal. Listed below are two types of garage doors for you to consider and the benefits that they can offer.


Choosing a steel garage door is a fantastic way to ensure that your garage door is capable of lasting for many years with minimal maintenance. When you have a steel garage door, the only thing that should concern you is if the door is somehow scratched. If your steel door is scratched, the protective layer of paint and sealant is broken and will allow water to reach the bare metal.

In that situation, your door can begin to rust very quickly. However, simply reapplying the sealant and paint as soon as you notice the scratch can prevent the rust from forming or spreading.

Steel also offers a lot of durability in additional to the minimal maintenance. For example, if you have a steel door than you will not have to worry about your children accidentally denting the door if they hit it while playing in your driveway. These doors are very resilient and can handle impacts very well. 


Now, aluminum is a great choice because it can help you deal with some of the drawbacks inherent in other types of garage doors, such as the heavy weight of the upper-tier materials. For example, steel and solid wood garage doors are often not suitable as a single door for a two-car garage due to their weight. In many cases, the door will need to be divided into two separate doors, or a more expensive and powerful garage door motor will need to be installed. 

However, an aluminum door is light enough that you can use it for a single or two-car garage without having to worry about placing any severe strain on even a basic garage door motor. Another benefit provided by an aluminum door is that the door will only cost a fraction of the price of a steel or wood door, which makes it one of the most cost-effective garage door materials on the market.

Finally, this type of door also offers more extremely durable and rust-proof options if you want a light door that can stand up to a lot of punishment. However, these higher-quality models will often drive the price of the door up enough that it will be in the same price-range as the more expensive garage door materials.

Contact a garage door manufacturer, dealer, or contractor like Rogers Overhead Door Co today to discuss which doors would be a good fit for you and your home. Steel and aluminum are both good choices that can offer a wide range of benefits.