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does your garage door need replaced?

How old is the garage door on your home? Does your garage get very cold during the winter and very warm during the summer? If your garage door is quite old, it likely does not have the same insulating factors that are included in the manufacturing of the garage doors manufactured today. So, how do you know if your garage door needs to be replaced? Does the hardware need to be replaced if you replace the garage door? Go to my blog to find out all about the features included in the design of today's garage doors. Hopefully, you will find everything you need to determine if your garage door is in need of replacement.

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does your garage door need replaced?

3 Signs That Your Garage Door Needs Professional Repair

by Eva Richards

Day in and day out, your garage door is experiencing wear and tear. While garage doors are meant to last for years, the working components of the doors will wear down. When those pieces are not inspected regularly and replaced when needed, it can result in the unnecessary injury of you and your family or damage to your property. Here are three signs that you may need to speak to a contractor for professional repair of your garage door:

1. Faulty Sensors

An automatic garage door cannot operate accurately and safely without properly working sensors. Designed to detect when objects are situated below the door, these sensors are typically located several inches above the garage floor. When the sensors are faulty, they will be unable to detect when someone or something in directly beneath the garage door when it is closing, which could allow someone to get hurt or something to get damaged.

In order to determine whether your sensors are working properly, you can hold a decent-sized object in front of the sensors as the garage door is closing. If the door reverses, then the sensors are good. If the door continues shutting normally, then your sensors need to be repaired or replaced by a professional garage door contractor.

2. Fraying Cables

The cables on the garage door play a key role in the door's operation and are critical for the door to remain in the open position. Over a period of time, the cables will wear down and deteriorate. When this happens, the cables will experience fraying. When this happens, there is the risk of breakage, which could lead to the door failing to remain in its open position and instead falling onto whatever or whomever may be below it.

Luckily, the cables can be easily inspected and should be on a regular basis. The cables are located on both sides of the garage door. Fraying is easy to spot, as you will notice multiple thin strands of the garage door cable protruding from the main cable. When you notice this, stop using the door and phone a professional for the replacement of the cable.

3. Loose Hardware

There are many pieces of hardware that hold your garage door together, such as brackets and hinges. Without these pieces, your garage door would fall apart. Due to the vibration that your garage door constantly experiences, these hardware pieces can become loose over time. Therefore, it is crucial that you check them on a regular basis. Usually, you can tell if something has loosened, as the garage door will become louder and vibrate more intensely. If you're unable to determine which pieces have loosened, an experienced contractor can locate and tighten them for you, while also ensuring that the garage door has not been damaged due to the excessive vibration.

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