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does your garage door need replaced?

How old is the garage door on your home? Does your garage get very cold during the winter and very warm during the summer? If your garage door is quite old, it likely does not have the same insulating factors that are included in the manufacturing of the garage doors manufactured today. So, how do you know if your garage door needs to be replaced? Does the hardware need to be replaced if you replace the garage door? Go to my blog to find out all about the features included in the design of today's garage doors. Hopefully, you will find everything you need to determine if your garage door is in need of replacement.

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does your garage door need replaced?

Garage Doors: 3 Issues You May Encounter And How To Solve Them

by Eva Richards

Fixing a broken garage door is an expensive process that homeowners can evade through routine maintenance. Sadly, few people think about the state of their units until something has come loose, snapped, or caused injuries. Here are three of the most common issues that affect garages.

Worn Out Door Rollers

The rollers move up and down throughout the lifespan of the opening mechanism. The movement allows the door to open and close efficiently. However, with time, they wear out. By the end of each year, the rollers will have worked tens of thousands of times. For this reason, it is advisable to check the state of your rollers constantly. Preferably, it's best to leave this task to your technician as they can accurately determine the level of wear and whether to repair or replace the parts. Timely roller replacement boosts the door's longevity and safety. 

Failure to Close to the Bottom

Failure to close completely is another common garage issue. It happens if you have a limit switch malfunction of an automatic opener system. The limit switch will give you trouble if you have set it up incorrectly. It could also become problematic if it's broken.

Another probable reason the unit might be leaving a gap when you open it is the cracking or breakage of the seal. Once the seal at the bottom of the garage door gets damaged, you will have an opening at the bottom, even when the unit is locked. A faulty spring can also cause this problem. The springs are usually tough and risky to deal with, and therefore, only a trained technician should handle them. 

When the Hinges Stop Functioning

The garage hinges can stop working for many reasons. For instance, hinges can fail due to poor lubrication or lubricating them with the wrong products. Therefore, you should only use a silicone-based lubricant to keep your hinges in great shape. Additionally, get a technician to inspect them for rust and other forms of corrosion that could interfere with their efficiency. A proficient repair technician will train you on the proper lubrication methods for durable systems. Besides that, they will recommend suitable lubricants. 

The best way to handle garage door malfunctions is by seeking professional assistance from an expert. Consult them when you experience odd sounds from the door and any other indicators of complications during the operations.

For more information on garage door repair, contact a professional near you.