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does your garage door need replaced?

How old is the garage door on your home? Does your garage get very cold during the winter and very warm during the summer? If your garage door is quite old, it likely does not have the same insulating factors that are included in the manufacturing of the garage doors manufactured today. So, how do you know if your garage door needs to be replaced? Does the hardware need to be replaced if you replace the garage door? Go to my blog to find out all about the features included in the design of today's garage doors. Hopefully, you will find everything you need to determine if your garage door is in need of replacement.

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does your garage door need replaced?

3 Reasons To Replace Your Garage Door Before Selling Your Home

by Eva Richards

Making the decision to sell your home means you want your property to be presented in the best possible light. Your realtor will probably give you a list of things you can do to increase the value of your home. Replacing your garage door is something that should be on that list.

A garage adds significant value to your home, but the condition of your garage door could detract from that value. Here are three reasons you should invest in a new garage door before you try to sell your home.

1. Minimize Maintenance Requirements

Owning a home requires a significant amount of effort. There are many different appliances and features within a home that must be maintained regularly in order to run properly.

A garage door is one item that could require more maintenance as it ages. When potential buyers view your home and see an older garage door, they may discount the property because the perceived maintenance requirements are too high.

A new garage door lets buyers know that they won't have to worry about repairing or replacing the garage door anytime soon if they make an offer on your home.

2. Reduce Energy Costs

Modern buyers want a home that is as energy efficient as possible. Many of the upgrades that a realtor typically suggests are designed to enhance the energy efficiency of a listing.

Older garage doors can seriously compromise energy efficiency. Most older doors are not insulated properly. The weatherstripping installed by the factory may have been worn away. This allows heat transfer to occur.

A new garage door will eliminate any heat transfer that may occur inside your home's garage. As a result, your home will be more energy efficient.

If you are able to let buyers know that their energy costs will be reduced thanks to the installation of a new garage door, you could reduce the amount of time it takes to sell your home.

3. Improve Your Home's Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is an important concept when it comes to selling a home. The way that your home looks from the street will impact whether or not potential buyers become interested in your property.

A new garage door has the ability to improve your home's curb appeal. New garage doors can modernize a home's exterior and breathe new life into the architectural design of a home. Enhancing your home's curb appeal with a new garage door can help you sell your home quickly.

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